Friday, January 13, 2012

Gingrich Urges PAC to Fix Any Errors in Anti- Romney Film

Gingrich Urges PAC to Fix Any Errors in Anti- Romney Film

January 13, 2012, 2:46 PM EST

"Mitt Romney Kills Jobs". The mantra of the "creative-destruction", preached best by Charles G. Koch, is that increasing productivity per worker decreases the number of employees required to make more profits. If your goal is to increase profits, then you have to destroy jobs -- it is the core of that religion.

The president gets the credit or blame for all jobs: When Staples creates 80 jobs, then the president gets credit for that. When Staples drives out Mom & Pop stores on Main Street selling office supplies, or copy shop, or computers, or office furniture, the president gets the blame.

Liars like Romney tell only the one part of the story that gives them credit while ducking the blame for what they did.

Romney's religion is ENVY. He doesn't want more money that he can't spend in a lifetime. He wants you to be jealous of the money he can't spend in a lifetime. He doesn't understand that most people do not want to be sociopaths no matter how much money come with it. Most people do not want to be mean-spirited, destroying other peoples lives just to collect "points" in a game.

Yes, people would like to have life be a bit better, to have some nicer things, to have more choices and more freedom to get what they want -- pursuit of happiness is the purpose of life for lots of people. Destroying others happiness just because you can is satanic. Most people do not envy satanic people. Mitt Romney has cloistered himself with satanic people too long. 96% of the public is not satanic and not sociopathic, anti-social. Only 4% are antisocial personality disordered whom thinks others envy them.